The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1973-03-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • โ„— 2016 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd., marketed


Title Artist Time
Speak to Me Pink Floyd 1:05 USD 1.29
Breathe (In the Air) Pink Floyd 2:49 USD 1.29
On the Run Pink Floyd 3:45 USD 1.29
Time Pink Floyd 6:53 USD 1.29
The Great Gig In the Sky Pink Floyd 4:43 USD 1.29
Money Pink Floyd 6:22 USD 1.29
Us and Them Pink Floyd 7:49 USD 1.29
Any Colour You Like Pink Floyd 3:26 USD 1.29
Brain Damage Pink Floyd 3:46 USD 1.29
Eclipse Pink Floyd 2:10 USD 1.29


  • Few Albums Are This Good

    By TygerX
    Released in 1973 Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon would spend 741 weeks (73-88) on the Billboard Album Charts. This is by far my favorite album by Pink Floyd. Give yourself a treat and listen to the whole thing, in order, with headphones. It's better than just about every other album out there.
  • Woah!! ๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽน

    By Hawtdawg101
    The best
  • Best concept album

    By Carnage1701
    It stayed on the Billboard top 200 for 16 YEARS for a reason. Best concept album ever...and argruably the best album ever...period.
  • Hey MIllenials - this is real music!

    By The master of all masters
    Put down your triple lattes and toasted avacado sandwiches and listen to some geniuses making music. (PS - Ed Sheeren couldn't steal music this well made)
  • Dark Side of the Moon

    By 57mac96
    Itunes chopped the end of of most of the songs. Not the album I listed to years past. What gives Itunes the right to alter the Floyd's music. JEEZ !
  • Awesome

    By Mars is home 1209
    I am 12 and I donโ€™t understand how this can be rated 1 star. Just no.
  • Dark Side of the Moon

    By Anonymous GMc
    Dark Side is more than an art rock album, it is counter culture at its highest. If you are under 40 and are exploring, this is a great place to start. Welcome . . . meet you at the Wall.
  • Amazing

    By Lazerhex
    What a work of art
  • DESTROYED by iTunes Mastering

    By Madigon
    Wow. The soundstage is wide and extremely shallow. The vocalist is a television set screaming at you from a virtual reality scene from Rocko's Modern Life. It's the reboot nobody wanted. Way to ruin a classic.
  • A Zenith of Emotional Movement

    By Pluto Zass
    I can still remember and feel part of the emotions that were stimulated from the instrumental aspects of this album the very first time I heard its sound. As the lyrics set into my brain as secondary input it became clear to me that I had reached a unique point in my life and that point was that music was to become the unified voice by humanity to praise their God with that of lyrical prayer of our emotional desire and needs!!

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