Five Man Acoustical Jam (Live) - Tesla

Five Man Acoustical Jam (Live)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1990-01-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 1990 Geffen Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Comin' Atcha Live / Truckin' ( Tesla 7:22 USD 0.99
Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) [L Tesla 4:41 USD 1.29
The Way It Is (Live) Tesla 6:30 USD 1.29
We Can Work It Out (Live) Tesla 2:08 USD 0.99
Signs (Live) Tesla 3:14 USD 1.29
Gettin' Better (Live) Tesla 3:30 USD 1.29
Before My Eyes (Live) Tesla 6:05 USD 0.99
Paradise (Live) Tesla 5:49 USD 1.29
Lodi (Live) Tesla 2:53 USD 0.99
Mother's Little Helper (Live) Tesla 3:45 USD 0.99
Modern Day Cowboy (Live) Tesla 6:08 USD 1.29
Love Song (Live) Tesla 9:53 USD 1.29
Tommy's Down Home (Live) Tesla 2:04 USD 0.99
Down Fo' Boogie (Live) Tesla 3:20 USD 0.99


  • Kids nowadays have no idea what music is

    By OracleChris
    I feel sorry for the shut generation that has to listen to the garbage produced by the music industry, Tesla is ICONIC
  • Hands down- the best album ever & the most underrated band ever!

    By Cornflaker
    I am 39 years old & hardly even heard of Tesla back in "the day". I am a latecomer to listening to Tesla, and Jeff Keith is now one of my favorite lead vocalists of all time. He's as good now in his 50s as he was in his prime. Never before have I seen someone pour out their passion and love for the fans as Jeff does. I'll take the Tesla casino tours any day over some of the new garbage out there!
  • Most underrated band ever

    By morandifam
    I grew up in Sacramento and was in high school when Modern Day Cowboy came out. They rocked my world then and they still do. They weren't like the glam hair bands of the day, just a great rock and roll band that never got the attention they deserved on the radio. If you don't know about Tesla, look up their other albums and listen to their songs. They really are an amazing band. Awesome live too!
  • Not bad but the song Signs takes it down a notch

    By Lone Star Rocker
    This is a great acoustic/unplugged album save the song Signs. That song sucked originally and the overplayed remake was just as bad. This became the song Tesla was known for and it was just awaful. That song killed me ever likng this band again. If it wasn't for the dynamic debut, I would never listen to anything this band ever did. The only reason Signs is not the worst song done by any hard rock/heavy metal band is because Pour Some Sugar on Me takes the prize!
  • Best Unplugged recording from an 80's band period!

    By Gene3x
    Definitely one of the most underated live discs of all time. Hands down the best "Metal" live recording ever. I have seen them live 2 times and they sound just as good today as they did on this recording.
  • Before MTV Unplugged

    By baquiano
    Many of Tesla's songs were originally written and performed by other artists. However, that doesn't stop this record from being a great semi-acoustic concert with music with great guitars and choruses.
  • Great rock n roll

    By MetalPod
    I was a huge fan of the first 2 Tesla albums, and was really excited to get this when it came out. I was more than a little curious to see how their music would translate to an all acoustic setting. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. They re-arranged some of the songs in order to make them stand up to the format, but they pulled it off. Every song has a nice boogie feel to it, and that really added to the fun atmosphere of the show. My personal fave is 'Love Song'. It's a great song to begin with, but the extended intro, and the unexpected electric guitar solo gave it a cool epic feel. Overall, a fantastic effort. One of the best live albums I have ever heard.
  • Great Performance

    By BillyB123
    One of my favorite albums of the era, along with Appetite for Destruction and Nevermind. Perfect balance of ability and grit. This album started the unplugged craze of the 90's.

    By mauriciobaeza
  • Underated

    By bocm
    Anyone that doesn't think Tesla is one of the underrated bands of all time, needs to buy this album. The fact that they get grouped in with the "hairbands" is a shame.

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