Songs of Experience (Deluxe Edition) - U2

Songs of Experience (Deluxe Edition)


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • An Island Records Release;℗2017 Universal Music Operations Limited


Title Artist Time
Love Is All We Have Left U2 2:41 USD 1.29
Lights of Home U2 4:16 USD 1.29
You're the Best Thing About Me U2 3:45 USD 1.29
Get Out of Your Own Way U2 3:58 USD 1.29
American Soul U2 4:21 USD 1.29
Summer of Love U2 3:24 USD 1.29
Red Flag Day U2 3:19 USD 1.29
The Showman (Little More Bette U2 3:23 USD 1.29
The Little Things That Give Yo U2 4:55 USD 1.29
Landlady U2 4:01 USD 1.29
The Blackout U2 4:45 USD 1.29
Love Is Bigger Than Anything i U2 4:00 USD 1.29
13 (There is a Light) U2 4:19 USD 1.29
Ordinary Love U2 3:47 USD 1.29
Book of Your Heart U2 3:55 USD 1.29
Lights of Home U2 4:33 USD 1.29
You're the Best Thing About Me U2 & Kygo 4:16 USD 1.29


  • a band that's lost their way

    By pestuli2
    Dear Bono, what ever happened to the snare drums you once used to set a tone of urgency and action toward the social and political hypocrisy in the world that opened the doors to you meeting world leaders, etc? My God, you've lost it. Please stop. Apparently you no longer have anything to say in your songs.
  • CLASSIC 80'S sound with...

    By Xelahgohn
    ...a little touch of evolved new wave. Great album! Only song I didn't like was "American Soul". Kind of strange. The rest of the songs were great! Even Sounds of Innocence was a great album. Both of these brought back the classic sound of U2 back from their earlier albums. Great job!!!
  • Strange pop songs

    By Amdrone
    After poor last album I thought they would improve the next one , but this album is just as bad as previous one
  • U2 is the greatest band on earth

    By Bonou2130
    My heart is happy, can’t stop listening !! “The Little Things” is my favorite
  • Propaganda Piece for Forced Equity

    By a.trane.blues
    New U2 album is pure unabashed Leftist dribble from a tax dodger worth over a half-billion dollars whose starting ticket prices for the nose bleed section are $375.00. It is a preachy reflection of the socialist grip on the current world order that is corrupting man's heart and mind & destroying the individual soul. It sounds like an old fogey trying to stay relevent with the millennial generation for more sales. Ridiculous sham and inauthentic! Free your minds from the current world malaise & Leftist lies that this album continues to spread. It is a mockery of individualism. Propaganda piece for the false promise of Forced Equity, which is unAmerican, anti-indivualism & a lie. Remember what actually happened to sailors who fell prey to the Siren's call.... Saw U2 multiple times in 1983, 1987, 2001 & 2005 - With this album they do a diservice to the God they claim to follow! The theoretical Virtues and Free Will are further lost in the destruction of the individual soul!
  • Song for song one of the best U2 records ever

    By daviebluff
    I know the haters are out there. Used to be U2 could do no wrong with these folks; now they can do no right. But if you let go of your preconceived ideas of who you think U2 ought to be and what you think they ought to sound like, and just listen to this record for what it is... what it is is brilliant! "Summer of Love," "Get Out of Your Own Way," "Red Flag Day," "Lights of Home" are strong cuts, destined to be regarded as classics alongside the best of the band's earlier material. I've had it on repeat for weeks now and it gets better with every listen.
  • Songs of Experince

    By Ggthecrazed
    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️
  • Better than their last two!

    This is growing on me, I think it is a good CD ( I could do without the spoken word rap, however)
  • They Still Got It!

    By satch_boogie
    Such a great album, top to bottom. First listen, I thought it was really good, but second time through, I absolutely love this album. You could insert every song from this album into almost any previous U2 album from its first 10 years and it wouldn’t be out of place. Bravo!
  • Nice but...

    By Celticsalmon