Pop! Remixed - Erasure

Pop! Remixed


  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2009-02-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2009 Mute Records Limited. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Gro


Title Artist Time
Always [2009 Mix] Erasure 3:59 USD 1.29
Victim of Love [Komputer Mix] Erasure 6:19 USD 1.29
Freedom [Martin Pichiotti Stru Erasure 8:09 USD 1.29
Drama! [Andy Bell & JC Remix] Erasure 8:39 USD 1.29
A Little Respect [Avantara Rem Erasure 6:55 USD 1.29
Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summe Erasure 9:43 USD 1.29
Ship of Fools [Soil In the Syn Erasure 5:32 USD 1.29
Always [Manhattan Clique Remix Erasure 7:00 USD 1.29
Chorus [Electronic Periodic Re Erasure 6:07 USD 1.29
Stop! [Vince Clarke Synch 82 R Erasure 6:06 USD 1.29
Drama! [Dogmatix Dramatical Re Erasure 6:39 USD 1.29


  • ?

    By DJslack
    Just listen to the original, soooo much better.
  • Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer Day) Remix = Club Banger!

    By ModernRocker
    From a DJ's perspective, the remix of Fingers and Thumbs is ridiculous! It is a remix that does not sound outdated and can be played in a club today. If you like modern day dance music you will love this trance banger with a tribal beat! By the way, I'm also a hardcore fan of one of the greatest and most influential dance music icons of our time, Godspeed Andy and Vince!
  • Always [2009 Mix] is a win.

    By masterbobcxk
    I only got Always [2009 Mix] cause it was on Robot Unicorn Attack. Greatest Adult Swim game ever.
  • If you don't like remixes do not buy!

    By Scyia
    I love remixes and I love this album! Most of the mixes on the album are pretty origional sounding. Great work mixers!
  • Where is the remix of SOMETIMES??

    By Nightfli2
    Ok I have looked all through iTunes and cannot for the life of me find any remixes of Sometimes... which I know for a fact was turned into a fantastic dance track because I heard it (and loved it!) dancing my @ss off in NYC! I couldn't even find any other artist covering it, which just baffles me to no end. I know it's out there somewhere...
  • Where's the 'Doing it for the Money' remix?

    By MisterKen
    Andy & Vince...shame on you. These remixes add nothing of any value to to the songs.
  • Great Remixes

    By mydivas2007
    I am a casual Erasure fan, but I can say that they did a great job with the Remixes. The remaster is flawless on most of the vocals. Although some of my favorite songs are missing, I think that Always, Drama, and Stop Remixes are outstanding and although the sound is completely different, it gives a new life to these Erasure fan favorites. These are not the typical circuit/dance remixes.
  • Not a nother re-mix.

    By guperez33
    I agree with some of the others, don't rehash the same stuff over and over again. Either make new stuff or don't. If they need money they just need to come out to San Francisco and do some shows for a week. I'm sure they can sell out any one of the theatres easily.
  • Not good and not needed.

    By johningb
    As a long time fan of Erasure, this product isn't needed, nor is it any good. Stripped away is anything that made these songs great in the first place. The pure essence is gone. I don't even consider this an update. The ONLY track on this that I liked was "Stop! (Vince Clarke Synch 82 Remix)". Not essential by any means.
  • Less Than a Little Respect

    By hooverphonix
    How many times can a person listen to these workhorses? Trying too hard to sound like 1999, this moth-eaten-mix fail miserably. The end result is anemic, tired and predictable. To eschew the originals almost altogether, they have created a bland, non-cohesive trainwreck. It is not favorable when the remixes have that "heard it before factor" on the first listen. Ship of Fools, for sure.