Tomorrow's World (Deluxe Edition) - Erasure

Tomorrow's World (Deluxe Edition)


  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2011-10-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2011 Mute Artists Ltd


Title Artist Time
Be With You Erasure 3:33 USD 1.29
Fill Us With Fire Erasure 3:16 USD 1.29
What Will I Say When You're Go Erasure 3:42 USD 1.29
You've Got to Save Me Right No Erasure 2:52 USD 1.29
A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot Erasure 3:46 USD 1.29
When I Start to (Break It All Erasure 3:45 USD 1.29
I Lose Myself Erasure 3:15 USD 1.29
Then I Go Twisting Erasure 3:51 USD 1.29
Just When I Thought It Was End Erasure 3:40 USD 1.29
I Lose Myself ("No Self Contro Erasure 7:27 USD 1.29
Give Me Life Erasure 4:58 USD 1.29
Fill Us With Fire ("Fired Up" Erasure 7:22 USD 1.29
When I Start to (Break It All Erasure 4:56 USD 1.29
Clash (I Lose Myself) [Demo Ve Erasure 3:20 USD 1.29
Big Song (Fill Us With Fire) [ Erasure 3:08 USD 1.29
Major 7th (Be With You) [Demo Erasure 3:21 USD 1.29
Save Me (You've Got To Save Me Erasure 2:35 USD 1.29


  • Love this album. It grew on me.

    By DjXs003
    I'm not sure what reviewer SimplyBert is referring to as "one continuous song" There are 6 or so upbeat tracks and inbetween there are slower songs. After several listens, the entire album grew on me. It's nowhere near as great as Erasure's 3 best albums ever- "Chorus", "I Say, I Say, I Say" and "Erasure", but it's close behind those.
  • An Experiment with a New Sound

    By SimplyBert
    It seems that when Erasure decided to bring in Frankmusik to produce Tomorrow's World, it was an attempt to experiment with a new sound and possibly give an "update" to the traditional Erasure formula. Unfortunately, the experiment was not a success. Outside of the wonderful "When I Start to Break It All Down" (check out the Circus-esque instrumental break toward the end) and the deep lyrics of "Fill Us With Fire", the album just lays flat. It sounds like one continuous song - a house mix with a steady beat that has no heart or feeling. Even though Erasure has a distinctive sound, each song (such as on The Innocents, Chorus, and Cowboy) all have a different musical style that separates them. Much of Tomorrow's World sounds exactly the same - with only the lyrics barely separating each song. I have been a HUGE Erasure fan since 1988 and have followed their career ever since. Of all their albums, I would have to say this one ranks as my least favorite. It's not horrible, but it's so outside of what I've come to expect from them - sounding more like the experiment I believe that it was - a house album of dance friendly thumps that could've come from anywhere.
  • Fun album

    By hollandinseattle
    Lots of electric. Lots of catchy. Andy's voice is beautiful as ever. Surprised this wasn't given more attention. The remixes are equal with their best. So much happy.